Teeth Cleanings :-

For the majority of people, teeth cleanings are simple and painless. Most teeth cleanings are done by a dental hygienist.  But a physical exam of your mouth is usually carried out before the actual process starts.


Teeth Cleanings

The Teeth Cleaning Procedure Steps:

  1. Using a small mirror, the dental hygienist examines your teeth and gums for any symptoms of gingivitis (swollen gums) or other possible concerns. In case any significant problems are detected, the dentist may be called in to ensure that it is safe to proceed.
  2. Removing Plaque and Tartar – The dental hygienist uses a small mirror for guidance and removes plaque and tartar in between the teeth and around the gum line. You will hear scraping, which is normal. The amount of tartar in your mouth is what will determine how long it will take to scrap certain spots.


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