Best Ten Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Best Ten Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Ways to take care of your teeth – Are you one amongst those who say,“What if we lose one, there are 31 teeth remaining still to do the job!”Having a casual attitude towards oral hygiene can be quite detrimental in the long run. Wondering why should we worry for our teeth? Well, our mouth is the first point of entry to our body and our teeth are essential in chewing food, speech and most importantly, looking good! Hence, we ought to take care of our teeth really well.



Here are the best ten ways to take care of your teeth-


#1. Brush Them Twice Everyday

Best Ten Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth in the morning as you wake up is not enough to ensure complete protection to your teeth. So, you should make it a routine to brush your teeth before going to bed also. This habit will eliminate all the leftover food particles from your mouth and ensure that your teeth are protected from germ attack.


#2. Brush Them The Right Way

Most of us brush our teeth with fancy toothbrushes with the hope that our teeth will stay clean. It is the technique that matters more than the mere brand or type of the toothbrush. According to the American Dental Association, one should brush for a minimum of two minutes to ensure that our teeth are completely clean. Use a timer if you are using a manual toothbrush or set your power toothbrush to two minutes to make sure you follow this simple rule.

Best Ten Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth

While brushing, start from upper left corner of your mouth, work your way to the upper front teeth and then proceed to the upper right side. Next, move to the lower right, followed by lower front and then lower left side. Try to brush the insides of the teeth that face your tongue.


#3. Use a Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride protects your teeth against cavities by strengthening the tooth structure. Apply a pea sized ball of fluoride toothpaste on your toothbrush and work on all the surfaces of your teeth. Exercise caution while using fluoride toothpaste for children due to the high risk of swallowing the paste.


#4. Floss Your Teeth At Least Once A Day

Oh, this one is pretty easy to miss. Flossing is essential to ensure that the food particle stuck between your teeth are washed off. This prevents the decay from forming in between the teeth and helps ward off bad breath.


#5. Don’t Forget To Clean Your Tongue

Best Ten Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth

Though very little spoken about, cleaning of tongue is surely one of the best ways of taking care of your teeth. Wondering how? Our tongue is not a smooth surface. It has minute raised structures called papillae that contain our taste buds. Whatever we eat, gets conveniently lodged inside the tiny gaps between these papillae which later on putrefy and cause bad breath. Hence, you cannot miss to clean your tongue after brushing your teeth.


#6. Avoid Sugary Or Sticky Foods

Who can say a NO to sweet indulgences! It is really hard to abstain from sweet food especially if you have a sweet tooth. You can always have desserts along with a full meal so that the sweet particles are easily washed off by the increased quantity of saliva in your mouth during your meals.


#7. Reduce Acidic Beverages

Cutting down on acidic beverages like fizzy drinks is good for both oral health and overall health. Not only can they wear down your enamel, they can cause a sudden spike in your sugar levels which can be detrimental for your health and teeth. Using a straw to drink sodas and swishing your mouth with plain water are some tips to reduce damage caused by aerated beverages.


#8. Have A Balanced Diet

A balanced diet ensures that your body receives the required nutrients in the right quantity. It consists of fruits and vegetables in both raw and cooked form. Raw veggies have an auto-cleansing effect on your teeth whereas cooked consists of all the needed macro and micronutrients that can strengthen your teeth and bones and help you stay fit.


#9. Protect Your Teeth From Injury

If you are an athlete or someone interested in contact sports, always wear your mouthguard before beginning the game. Your teeth are too precious to be kicked off or harmed during a game or practice sessions. Quit the habit of using your teeth to tear a pack of chips or open a beer bottle. We have other appliances to do that job! Spare your teeth from these jobs and let them do the job that they excel at.


#10. Visit Your Dentist For Routine Check-ups

Best Ten Ways To Take Care Of Your Teeth

See your dentist once in every six months for routine dental examination. You can undergo a tooth cleaning session as well to get rid of those hard deposits that fail to dislodge through brushing or flossing.


The Final Note

For healthy teeth and gums, you should strive to follow the above-mentioned steps. You should always remember that even the most advanced artificial tooth replacement solution cannot give you the exact feel or comfort that your natural teeth can give you. Hence, try to take care of them in the best possible way.

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