Six Month Braces :-


Feel the Magic Touch of Six Month Braces and Experience the Joy of Rejuvenating Smiles!


Six Month Braces utilises a unique technique of orthodontic treatment through which your teeth can be straightened within the span of mere six months. That is the beauty of these braces and hence is performed at Dental Care of Waldorf in suitable cases.


Feel the Magic Touch of Six Month Braces and Experience the Joy of Rejuvenating Smiles!
Can Six Month Braces be considered as a regular treatment or a special treatment procedure?


  • The time required is less – As the name suggests, this treatment takes only a period of six months. Hence, this is suitable for those who cannot afford to continue their treatment for one year or eighteen months.
  • Extraordinary archwire– The archwire used in this type of braces make them special and help them carry out the work at a faster pace. The archwire consists of a unique quality called shape memory. Due to this quality, these archwires exhibit a strong inclination to come back to their primary form even after being twisted or bent. Through this quality of shape memory, the teeth are moved to their desired final positions.
  • Minimal discomfort– Even during the movement of the teeth there is no or minimal discomfort.
  • Higher in the aspect of aesthetics Six Month Braces are aesthetically better compared to the conventional ones as tooth-colored brackets are applied making it almost impossible to identify the presence of braces on teeth.



 Once the treatment is over with Six Month Braces, Dr. Akash Agarwal will recommend you to wear a set of retainers for another few months so that the teeth get sufficient time to be anchored to the jaw bone to prevent future positional changes.

Isn’t it worth to spend six months of your life in correcting your teeth and smile than spend a whole lifetime covering your teeth when you smile? If you are interested in Six Month Braces, drop in at Dental Care at Waldorf for consultation with Dr. Akash.

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