Dentures :-

Dentures are synthetic replacements for natural teeth complete with gums. If a person has lost some or all his teeth due to oral health, a disease or an accident, a dentist or prosthodontist may recommend dentures to replace the missing teeth.



There are two types of dentures, namely partial and complete.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are also referred to as partials or removable partial denture prostheses. These may be used where a small number of teeth are missing or neighboring teeth are not stable enough to support a bridge. Partial dentures comprise of one or more synthetic teeth kept in place by fasteners which fit onto neighboring natural teeth. A person can remove partial dentures by himself for cleaning. They can also be removed for cleaning or at night.

Complete or Full Dentures

Complete dentures or full dentures are generally referred to as false teeth. These are used when all the teeth are missing. They are usually held in place by suction, hence they are removable.  They may cause discomfort in the beginning and take a bit of time to get used to.

There are two types of complete dentures:

Immediate Dentures

These are made before the teeth are extracted. During the first visit, the dentist takes a patient’s measurements and makes models of the jaws. When the teeth are removed, the dentist will insert the immediate dentures. The healing can take up to six months.

The main benefit of immediate dentures is that a patient is not left without teeth during the recuperative period. During this period, the bones and gums can contract and the dentist may need to reline the patient’s immediate dentures for a proper fit.

Conventional Dentures

Conventional dentures are created and inserted into a patient’s mouth after the teeth have been removed, and the gum and jaw tissues have healed,


Denture Costs

There are several factors that determine the cost of dentures. These include:

  • The possible need for an additional procedure like for instance, the removal of the remaining teeth, or oral surgery to polish bony ridges
  • A prosthodontics specializing in making dentures, and he may charge extra money for his services
  • The intricacy of the removable denture that is needed
  • The dental materials chosen by the patient and dentist – like for instance, polymer denture teeth which are highly cross-linked are more costly. This is because apart from being more esthetic, they don’t wear as much as the usual plastic teeth. There are also various metals which may be used in removable partial dentures that can increase the cost.
  • The kind of insurance you have


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