Tooth loss can happen to anybody due to a variety of reasons. At Dental Care Of Bryans Road, we ensure that you are given the best tooth replacement options available in the realm of dentistry. Dental implants are artificial tooth-root like structures that are made of titanium and titanium alloys and can be screwed into the jaw bone surgically. On top of an implant, an artificial tooth like a porcelain crown or denture can be placed.



What are the advantages of having dental implants?

The three main benefits of dental implants are-

  1. Gives natural look – Dental implants impart a great aesthetic appeal. Due to this, dental implants are the preferred treatment choice if you are extremely conscious about having natural looks.
  1. Gives a natural feel – Dental implants function just like your natural teeth. Hence, you will be able to chew quite comfortably similar to how you used to with your natural teeth. The latest reports on dental implants reveal that the chewing capacity improves more significantly with the placement of dental implants Waldorf than any other tooth replacement option.
  1. Is extremely durable – They are extremely durable and can function with perfection for a lifetime! Accurate maintenance of oral hygiene definitely plays a major role in the longevity of dental implants.


What are the steps involved in the placement of dental implants?


  1. Suitability – At Dental Care Of Bryans Road, Dr. Akash conducts a thorough oral examination for the proper evaluation of gums and teeth. With the help of Xrays the condition of the underlying bone is assessed to determine if the density of the bone is sufficient enough to support the implants. An accurate medical history is mandatory. For example, a diabetic individual or a lady with osteoporosis may not be considered as an apt case for dental implants.
  1. Placement of Bone grafts (if required) – In cases, where the jaw bone quality and quantity is found to be inadequate, bone grafts can be done prior to implant placement.
  1. Placement of Dental implants – Before calling you for the surgical insertion of dental implants, a template is created on the basis of your teeth impression. The template helps the implantologist to locate the areas wherein the dental implants have to be placed on the day of the surgery. The complete procedure of insertion of dental implants is carried out after anesthetizing the patient.
  2. Phase of osseointegration – This is considered as the most important phase in the procedure of implant placement. This extends from a period of two weeks to a month or two after the placement of dental implants. During this phase the implants are taken up by our jaw bone and the bone starts fusing with the implants. If this phase of fusion is successful, your dental implants will function normally and remain intact within your jaw bone.
  1. Placement of Artificial teeth – As the healing process becomes complete, your dentist proceeds with the next step of placement of artificial teeth like a dental crown or bridge.

At Dental Care Of Bryans Road we deliver dental care of the highest quality in a comfortable ambience. For more details about dental implants call us at  301-283-6211. Your confident and comfortable smile is just a call away!

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