Crown and Bridge :-

A bridge is a dental prosthetic that is created from tough ceramic and acrylic. Since it is made to look like the patient’s missing teeth, it blends well into the mouth. It can fill in the gap left behind by up to three teeth in a row. A crown and bridge therapy will enable you to eat, chew and smile properly. Crowns and bridges help prevent a bad bite from occurring by stopping teeth from shifting into the gap.

Crowns and bridges are the most common dental restoration therapy in dentistry. They are the best way to restore broken or weak teeth as a result of decay or a very big filling.



When Are Dental Crowns Necessary?

They are necessary when a tooth is broken, decayed, or damaged.  A patient may need to have a crown fitted onto the tooth. Crowns can be helpful in whitening, reshaping and realigning the surviving teeth.

For example:

  • A patient may have stained fillings and would want to enhance the tooth’s appearance.
  • A patient may have had a root filling that requires a crown for protection.
  • It may be required in order to help fasten a bridge or denture solidly in place.


Dental Crown Procedure

It involves two separate visits. During the initial visit, the dentist will scrutinize the tooth to ensure that it is able to support a crown. He will then proceed to fill it in preparation for the crown. On the other hand, if the tooth is badly damaged or broken, he may have to fill it in to ensure that it is big enough to appropriately receive the crown.

After consultation and results, dental crown treatment is usually arranged in the following steps:

  • Teeth Preparation
  • Taking of the impression
  • Inserting the temporary crown
  • Creating the crown
  • Inserting the final crown


During a patient’s initial visit, the dentist will organize the teeth in order to provide a stress-free fit for the crowns. The teeth’s impression is then taken and sent to a dental lab to be used later to create a patient’s crown. Next, a temporary crown is fixed onto the teeth.

On the patient’s next visit, the temporary crown is removed then the permanent crown is fitted onto the teeth.


How Much Will This Procedure Cost?

Crown and bridge procedure performed at the award-winning Dental Care of Waldorf by a renowned dentist Dr. Akash Agarwal is offered at a price range of ….. .

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If you have any questions about crown and bridge procedure or need help, why not give us a call to schedule an appointment and discuss your dental needs?

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