Cosmetic Dentistry :-

We take pride in offering cosmetic dentistry at Dental Care Of Bryans Road. Through cosmetic dentistry we intend to address the dental problems of individuals from all age groups.  The idea is to ensure that no stone has been left unturned which means each and every aspect concerning your oral health is evaluated and assessed.


Once we are done with the compilation of the information, we derive a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that exhibits a solution for every dental problem you have.


Dr. Akash Agarwal at Bryans Road, MD believes in the principle of early detection and treatment. This saves you from a lot of future pain that you may incur when you fail to get your dental treatment done on time. Here is the way cosmetic dentistry is carried out at Dental Care Of Bryans Road-


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Plan

  1. Detailed History– This has a very important role to play in cosmetic dentistry. Before starting off with the examination, your dentist asks you few questions the answers to which indicate your oral and overall health. Each of the facts mentioned by you are noted down meticulously.


  1. Thorough Oral Examination– During a thorough oral examination, your dentist will make a note of all the following points-


  1. Condition of the teeth– The dentist checks if your teeth have any decay or cavity present or not. The decayed teeth are noted depending on the severity of their condition.
  2. Condition of the gums– The gums are checked to find if they are swollen due to inflammation or if they are reddish due to infection.
  3. Condition of the underlying bone– The bones are assessed in X-rays so that the strength of support that they offer can be evaluated.
  4. Condition of the soft tissues– The soft tissues located at the head and the neck regions are examined.
  5. Bite pattern– Your chewing and the biting patterns are also examined to rule out the presence of any discrepancies.

Apart from these almost everything associated with your mouth like salivary gland function or health status of the temporomandibular joint is evaluated.

  1. An appropriate treatment plan– On the basis of the data collected after recording the history and the findings of the oral examination, a customised treatment plan is generated which is specific for you exclusively.

After this extensive oral examination, the treatment procedures are carried out accordingly. With the help of a comprehensive dental examination, it becomes easy for us to determine if the problem can be solved through top hvac distributors USA and basic dental care or any specialised procedure is required to address the same. Cosmetic Dentistry aims at preventing future damage to your teeth and neighbouring structures.

To avail cosmetic dentistry and to know more about it, call us at  301-283-6211. We are conveniently located at Bryans Road, MD.

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