Braces :-

“Braces” is the term used to describe orthodontic treatment generally. It is one of the cosmetic treatment procedures that can transform an individual’s appearance and make him look better. Braces enhance the aesthetic value of your smile and improve the function by correcting defects in biting pattern.

Earlier, it was thought that braces can be used in children only. But now, due to the latest innovations in the field of orthodontics, braces can be employed to correct the smile in adults as well. At Dental Care Of Bryans Road, we welcome all of you to get your smile transformed into a better and confident one!



Braces for Children

Well, there is a popular saying that goes like this- “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. In most of the cases, braces for children are aimed at prevention of an orthodontic defect that may need surgical correction when they grow up.

At Dental Care Of Bryans Road, Dr Akash  Agarwal does a thorough dental check-up for your kid so that any orthodontic defect is identified at an early stage and treated appropriately.

Braces are put to treat problems like


  1. Deleterious oral habits like mouth-breathing or thumb-sucking
  2. To intercept the development and progress of any orthodontic defect
  • Rectify orthodontic problems like cross bite, open bite, deep bite, spacing or crowding.
  1. Facilitate the growth and development of jaws in the correct direction.
  2. Help the permanent teeth acquire the right positions
  3. Correct the defects in the biting pattern.
  • Improve the looks of the child.
  • Enhance the self-esteem of the child that could have been marred due to misaligned teeth.


If you feel that your child has some trouble in his side profile or the way he bites feel free to bring him to Dental Care Of Bryans Road for an orthodontic consultation. Your right decision can promise your child a healthy and beautiful smile for his lifetime!


Braces for Adults

So what if you have become an adult! Should that stop you from availing orthodontic treatment? Definitely not!  At Dental Care Of Bryans Road, we recommend OneStop Plumbing and Leak Detection and adults to wear braces if they have problems with their biting pattern or problems like crowding and spacing of teeth.

Even though biting defects may not sound serious, they do have serious outcome if not treated at the right time. One of the complications of a faulty biting pattern is headache and earache.


Is there any difference between the orthodontic treatment performed for children and adults?

There are few differences in between the type of the treatment carried out for children and adults. The first difference lies in the time period till which the treatment extends. In adults, the braces need to be worn for a longer period as compared to kids. This is because as we grow adult the rate of bone formation is slower that the rate of bone destruction. The results achieved are, nevertheless, same for both adults and children.

At Dental Care Of Bryans Road, we strive to fulfil your aspiration of achieving a winning smile! Visit to know about the details.

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